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Maharashtra Wild Trail


07 Nights / 08 Days

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    Discover the Essence of Maharashtra: An 8-Day Deccan Odyssey Journey Through the Heart of India

    An Exquisite Voyage Across Maharashtra and Central India

    The Deccan Odyssey presents an enchanting 8-day itinerary that takes you through the neighborhoods of Maharashtra, the picturesque Western Ghats, the majestic Deccan region, and the diverse landscapes of central India. This journey promises an immersive experience, blending natural beauty, cultural heritage, and luxurious comfort. Explore world heritage sites, vibrant cities, and wildlife sanctuaries, all while enjoying the royal treatment aboard the Deccan Odyssey.

    Destinations Covered on the Rail Journey Maharashtra Wild Trail :

    • Mumbai: Your journey begins and ends in Mumbai, India’s bustling financial and cultural hub, known for its iconic landmarks and vibrant energy.
    • Ellora Caves: Discover the ancient rock-cut caves of Ellora, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its impressive architecture and intricate carvings.
    • Ramtek (Pench): Experience a thrilling wildlife safari in Pench National Park, home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna.
    • Warora (Tadoba): Explore the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, one of India’s premier tiger reserves, offering an exhilarating rendezvous with wildlife.
    • Ajanta Caves: Marvel at the magnificent murals and sculptures of the Ajanta Caves, another UNESCO World Heritage site, depicting the life of Buddha.
    • Nashik: Visit the Wine Capital of India, known for its lush vineyards and world-class wineries, offering a delightful wine-tasting experience.

    Highlights of the Journey The Maharashtra Wild Trail on Deccan Odyssey Train

    1. Ellora Caves: Explore the breathtaking rock-cut temples and monasteries of Ellora, showcasing an extraordinary blend of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions.
    2. Pench National Park: Embark on a wildlife safari in Pench, where you can spot a variety of wildlife, including tigers, leopards, and numerous bird species in their natural habitat.
    3. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: Experience the thrill of spotting the majestic Bengal tiger and other wildlife in the dense forests of Tadoba.
    4. Ajanta Caves: Delve into the rich artistic heritage of the Ajanta Caves, adorned with exquisite paintings and sculptures that narrate ancient tales.
    5. Nashik’s Vineyards: Enjoy a serene retreat in Nashik, exploring its lush vineyards and indulging in some of India’s finest wines.
    6. Luxurious Onboard Experience: The Deccan Odyssey ensures a journey of unparalleled luxury with its elegantly designed interiors, world-class amenities, and exceptional service, reminiscent of the royal lifestyle of the Maharajas.

    A Journey of Timeless Elegance

    The Deccan Odyssey’s 8-day journey through Maharashtra and central India is more than just a travel experience; it is a celebration of the region’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Each destination on the itinerary is chosen to provide an authentic and enriching experience, blending historical exploration with luxurious comfort.

    Whether marveling at the ancient caves of Ellora and Ajanta, experiencing the thrill of wildlife safaris in Pench and Tadoba, or savoring the finest wines in Nashik, this journey promises unforgettable moments. Every detail, from the opulent interiors to the impeccable service, is crafted to offer a travel experience befitting royalty.

    Culture and Wildlife of Maharashtra

    Embark on this extraordinary voyage and immerse yourself in the grandeur and splendor of Maharashtra and central India aboard the Deccan Odyssey. Experience the timeless elegance and regal charm of India’s most iconic destinations, creating memories that will last a lifetime. This journey is your gateway to discovering the vibrant beauty and cultural richness that make India a land of endless fascination and beauty.


    Ellora Caves
    Ajanta Caves
    Ellora Caves
    Ajanta Caves


    Day 1: ( Saturday) - Mumbai

    This evening, arrive at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and board the Deccan Odyssey on a mesmerizing voyage through the Maratha heartland.

    Day 2 : Ellora Caves
    Proceed to visit Ellora Caves – a World Heritage site. A unique artistic creation, with its sanctuaries devoted to Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, it illustrates the spirit of tolerance that was characteristic of ancient India.
    Day 3 : Monday Aurangabad
    Enjoy a day visiting Bibi – Ka – Maqbara a replica of the Taj Mahal at Agra followed by a visit to the famous Himroo fabric weaving centre.
    Day 4 : Pench National Park (Ramtek)
    Arrive at Ramtek and drive to Maharashtra’s Pench National Park. Named after the Pench River which splits it into almost equal halves, the park is immensely rich in bio-diversity, an important ecosystem supporting an abundance of flora and fauna,including a rich variety of aquatic life.Enjoy morning and afternoon game safaris in the park.
    Day 5 : Warora (Tadoba)
    Reach Chandrapur and set out for the Tadoba Tiger Reserve – A magnificent habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger. Enjoy lunch at the forest lodge, where the naturalists will interact with you narrating their admirable work in tiger conservation.
    Day 6 : Ajanta Caves
    Arrive at Jalgaon railway station and drive to Ajanta Caves, a World Heritage site.These magnificent caves have exquisite ancient murals & sculptures that depict the life of Buddha.
    Day 7 : Nashik
    Arrive at Nashik and walk along the Godavari Ghats; then head for a vineyard tour followed by wine tasting and lunch.
    Day 8 : Disembark in Mumbai

    Arrive at Mumbai, where your journey comes to an end.

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    Maharashtra Wild Trail Train Tour Map

    The Deccan Odyssey treats each of their guests to unprecedented luxury on wheels with the help of 21 superlative, luxury coaches. Out of these, eleven are guest cabins. Each coach has four cabins. In order to ensure a comfortable journey, each Deccan Odyssey cabin is well-equipped with a range of modern amenities. They are spacious, elegant and seamlessly designed to radiate the various eras of the Deccan dynasties.
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